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SSAIB Success

Moorcroft Vacant Property Management have recently been audited by The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) to ensure that our approach to electronic security meets their strict independent requirements.

As way of background, the SSAIB is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services and their independent certification standards are accepted and requested by many insurance companies.

We have been certified as meeting their standards for Vacant/Void Alarm Systems for some time now and the audit confirmed that our systems, processes advice given to clients and our equipment is of the standard that we can retain the certification for a further twelve months.

During the audit we were also assessed for the first time for our Temporary Monitored CCTV solution. This assessment required that our processes, equipment and installation approach met the standards of the SSAIB’s CCTV Systems Certification.

We were delighted at the end of the process to have it confirmed that we meet all of the required standards with the assessor saying the following on one of our installations he assessed “The 27 Camera System with Analytics/Wireless Detectors and Offsite Transmission and Audio Challenge was installed to a Standard far higher than expected of a Temporary CCTV Installation. Well Done to all concerned”

We are rightly proud that our electronic security systems used on the sites and properties we are tasked with protecting have all passed the rigorous assessments required by insurance companies.

For more information on our Vacant Property Management service including Temporary Monitored Alarm Systems and Temporary Monitored CCTV please contact one of the team:

Carl Gledhill

Frank Langman

Garry Ireland